Sunday, 22 April 2007

A scorcher of a Saturday evening!!!

I've just had one of the best Saturday evenings in my life. Yup, Liverpool, the mighty reds have secured a Champions League qualification spot with a 2-0 victory over Wigan. Great to see Dirk Kuyt scorin a brace...bring on Chel$ki, who incidentally are playin tomorrow & can narrow the gap to just 1 point with the Scum (not that i like chel$ki, but i just happen to hate Manure more). Hahahahaaa really enjoyed myself watchin them labour over the "mighty" Boro. Thats not all, as once again Arsenal somehow failed to beat a team after almost flirting with the ball from start to finish during the game. Also its noteworthy to point out that Everton lost. Its late so I'm goin to bed now (with a huge smile on my face)

Apologies to those who don't follow football & cudnt make neither head nor tail out of the above ramblings

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