Friday, 10 August 2007

A review of Deathly Hallows

First of all, apologies to everyone who were expecting this post about 24 hours after the book was released. I managed to lay my eager hands on it a little later than I'd initially thought, & I took my time reading it. True, I still could've posted this last month, but a mixture of tight schedules & extreme laziness prevented me from doing so. Alright now enough ranting. Now for the review...

As expected, this book was packed with more action than the previous six. We were introduced to Harry as follows;

"Harry was bleeding."

And what a way too! It really summed up the whole book, heartstopping moments galore!

And the deaths!! JK wasn't joking when she asked us to be braced for all the deaths. The passing away of Fred hit me hardest, maybe because it happened so suddenly. But then, a Weasley had to die, otherwise the story might have looked a bit fairytale-ish don't you think? Snape's death was pretty sad too, but at least he died, according to JK, as "a flawed hero". I suspected him of being a good guy when Dumbledore "pleaded" to him in Half-Blood Prince. After all, Dumbledore ain't afraid of death...

Poor old Teddy Lupin...I had this hunch that JK would finish off all the Marauders, but Nymphadora Tonks too! So sad, its like Harry Potter all over again, eh? I also had this nasty feeling that either Ron or Hermione would die, but thank goodness!

Finally, the Deathly Hallows!! My sympathies go with all of you who spent precious hours speculating what it might mean. After all, who would've thought of that a cloak, ring & stone would be involved? This is the reason I don't like predicting stuff. As the saying goes, "Expect the unexpected".

The only disappointing part of this book was perhaps the epilogue. Instead of showing us our favourite characters as middle-aged parents, JK could have shown us a few after the final battle, possibly Fred's funeral, what happened to Hogwarts, the Ministry etc. But then, this didn't dampen the "WOW WHAT A RIDE!!!" effect after reading the whole book. Not for me, at least.

So our journey with The Boy Who Lived ends here, though I'll bet its effects will remain for generations to come, if not forever. Hope you, like me, enjoyed the book!


Uzain said...

kewl post dude....ya its sad how many cool ppl die...but atleast it has a happy ending: harry married the girl he luvd (same for ron!) and voldy's dead

nass said...

the thing is over... we shud all just forget about all the HP crap ;)

.mini said...

we shouldn't just forget about it nass
coz its the best book i read
and i totally agree with you control freak!
i mean i didn't like the epilogue
but other parts were good :D