Tuesday, 18 December 2007

The Double-Whammy

First of all, Eid Mubarik to everyone who're kind enough to take their own time to view my blog. I know, technically tomorrow's our festive holiday, but like I said, its a festive holiday & most people are gonna be upto other stuff rather than sitting infront of their computers all day.
I've always loved Eid. I enjoy everything about those 2 days from the food to everyone being in the mood to joke, and most importantly of all, getting the family together & generally having a great time. But I thought of something very interesting today. You hear the way non-muslims, or being more specific, Christians rave on about their own festive holiday; the Christmas. They seem to believe that there's no day in the calendar year that's better than the 25th of December. We muslims can rave on about having 2 such days to celebrate! Hah!
Now about the title of this post..it's not about the 2 Eids. You see, in addition to tomorrow being a day to celebrate, in a little over 4 hours time, I'll be legally eligible to being thrown in jail if I commit a serious crime. Wooo!
I'm eagerly anticipating my friends to get themselves confused on what they ought to be wishing me tomorrow.
Have a great day then!


blueprint said...

i read your entire blog the other day. and i concluded that youre a sensible person. mostly due to the fact that u had an "i love artemis fowl" post.
amr(waylander) told me i shudnt judge sumone from his or her blog - to which i disagreed.
i like your blog. and its officially on my list of blogs to check regularly
ps: u cnt really mind anyone judging u by your blog, u knw

Control Freak said...

this blog reflects my personality to some extent mainly coz i post whatever comes to my mind..
wht does artemis fowl gotta do with sensibility?
im delighted that u found my blog so worthwhile btw:)