Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The highs and a pesky low

Today, people flocked over to the east end of Male' to witness the first ever sunrise at Aneh Dhivehiraajje. No, I'm not going to get all emotional and type something full of poetry "straight from the heart". That's mainly because I'm not a very poetic sort of person and my attempts to write poetry often include trying to find words that rhyme and ending up with something that doesn't make any sense. Like this verse of a poem I wrote when I was around nine:

Grandmother Willow,
She loves to hug the pillow,
and she looked down below

Enough blabbering. I didn't go to witness the sun rise because I've seen it a million times before and it always looked the same. Also, I had collapsed onto bed out of sheer exhaustion and, according to my friend who phoned me at that time, I spoke absolute nonsense and he came up with the conclusion that I wasn't in the right mental state to do anything due to severe sleep deprivation. Which is a shame as he's one of those who have their heads stuck up Maumoon's behind and was expecting a victory speech from me.

Anyway, I was walking along a very pro-Maumoon neighbourhood today and witnessed two people trying to vigorously remove posters of him from their walls. They caught me staring and gave me the 'what are you looking at?' look. I pretended to scratch the tip of my nose in an attempt to conceal a smirk and walked on, keeping my head bowed until I'd got myself out of that area. It was unusually quite during the late morning wasn't it? Probably because most people were in bed having stayed up all night, or that the whole thing hasn't quite sunk in yet.

The purpose of this post is not about basking in the glory of a sweet victory or gloating over it. In fact, it doesn't have any clear-cut purpose, so I would like to advise all of you, whether you voted for Maumoon or Anni or for the third candidate who never campaigned, i.e Mr Baathil Vote, to act like adults. People like me who voted for a change should stop rubbing it in the faces of the Maumoon supporters, whom by the way, should quit throwing tantrums. I mean, 30 years! For how long could you possibly stand him? Whoops, there I go again!

I hate Anni! I hate him! I don't wanna stay here anymore!!

See, this is the reason why you've to be at least 18 in order to be eligible for voting.

There's something else I'd like to mention; the darn mark. I predicted in my previous post that the new method wouldn't be one which we would enjoy and I turned out be be right, didn't I? Here, have a look:
My index finger looks dead! It reminds me of the irreversible injury Dumbledore sustained on his hand when he tried to put on a cursed ring. All thanks to our whiny journalists who're so incompetent that they couldn't come up with better topics than the issue of a mark. Yesterday my cousins were making a little too much noise, so I raised the finger to my lips to say, "Shh" and the smallest one freaked out. According to her, I shouldn't have voted in black. She thinks voting means applying colours on our fingers, bless her. In my defense, it turned black because of unavoidable contact with water and sunlight.
I've also heard of the incredible lengths people have gone to in order to remove this. Like using lemons, as cologne proved to be unhelpful this time round, or even strong hazardous solvents! My suggestion is concentrated sulphuric acid. It'll definitely remove the mark, although side effects include your skin melting to the bone and the acid entering your bloodstream causing damage to the optic nerves.


Anonymous said...

wow, nice post! u voted anni and rnt in a celebration mood, whats wrong with u? :P, btw dont u think that friend deserves a victory speach,:P

Anonymous said...

yea give him a victory speech dat hes nvr gona 4get!

n welcum to Aneh dhivehiraajje! :D

Az said...

Five minutes with a pumis stone and my finger is back to normal colour. Ok, it's a little bit red and raw but that's better than before.

Anonymous said...

interesting post! My friend put bleach and soap on a sponge and rubbed the colour off her finger. I'm not gonna try it though as I feel so proud to have that mark as it reminds me the satisfaction of ticking yes for change. :P

Yaamyn said...

That finger sure looks weird. I'm glad I was hundreds of miles away from teh nearest polling booth.

j said...

This is an awesome blog

The Shadowrunner said...

"I voted for Maumoon and all I got was this stupid fading tattoo." - That's how those suckers felt. Heh heh heh.

On contact with a concentrate solution of "alchoholic mouthwash", the ink dissolved rather easily. The finger felt somewhat tingly for the rest of the day, though.

Control Freak said...

"alcoholic mouthwash" eh? hmph..

Anonymous said...

.mini said...

hey i like your hand, its pretty!
and bleach worked
but my nail looks like a piece of, something horrible