Friday, 11 May 2007

Bizzare injuries; read & enjoy

- Robbie Keane (Tottenham) – Damaged his ankle standing on a TV remote control.
- Jason Koumas (West Brom) – Got an eye infection from the fertilisers used on the Fulham pitch.
- Rio Ferdinand (Man. United) – Whilst watching TV he pulled a leg muscle after having his leg on a coffee table for too long.
- Lucas Radebe (Leeds) - Aggravated a knee injury when he slipped on ice whilst taking the bins out at home.
- Bob Taylor (West Brom) – Injured his Achilles as a result of friction from his new leather shoes.
- Derek McInnes (West Brom) – Damaged his ankle whilst failing to negotiate a traffic cone in training.
- David James (Portsmouth) – Admitted that he had ‘injured’ his concentration whilst playing too many video games.
- David Batty (Leeds) – Aggravated an Achilles injury when it was run over by his toddler on a tricycle.
- Darius Vassell (Aston Villa) – Gave himself a toe infection after he decided to drill a hole in his toe to relieve some blood. Half his nail went in the process.
- Michael Stensgaard (Liverpool) – Dislocated his shoulder whilst taking an ironing board out of the cupboard.
- Dave Beasant (Chelsea) – Dropped a jar of salad cream on his foot and missed the start of the 1993 season. Just as well if can’t even handle a stationary object.
- Darren Barnard (Barnsley) – Out for five months with damaged knee-ligaments after he slipped in a puddle of his puppy’s urine.
- In 1975 Manchester United keeper Alex Stepney managed to dislocate his jaw while shouting at his defenders during a game against Birmingham City.

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