Saturday, 16 June 2007

Apologies & promises

I know I know, its been over a month since I've posted anything. I'm extremely sorry for those of you who've come here, expecting somethin nice & interesting, but in the end leave disgruntled at the lack of activity, wondering whether this is one of those blogs that dry out after a month or two. I have an excuse for this, and I assure you that its a bloody reasonable one. See, I've been making my backside sore over the past month while working my brain to its limits. Thats exams for you. They ended today & I'm trying to make the best use of it (school resumes tomorrow.... aaaaaaarrgh!!!).

I should have let all of ya know about this, and I'm pretty sure that I've lost a lot of readers over the past month. So I'm going to make this blog a little...interesting lets say. My head is currently spinning with ideas & I'm trying to figure out what I should treat you all with first. How about you givin me an idea? Alright alright I've actually run outta ideas, the bloody exams have taken their toll on me. But fear not, I'm looking forward to hearing from all of ya!

Here's a little treat for today:
*scratches head, shrugs & signs out

1 comment:

Waylander said...

Gluck with thnkin abt wht to blog... I havn got much ideas eitha! Hehe... ;)