Saturday, 24 November 2007

A certain reconciled memory

Ever noticed the way certain things you see or smell or even hear trigger memories? In fact, scientists have proven that smell is the most powerful source of reclaiming memories that you thought you had lost forever (or maybe you wouldn't coz you won't remember them anyway).
This sort of thing happened during my speaking exam today. The interlocuter (that is the person who asks all the questions. The guy who sat there staring at us like some class of a beast was the assessor) introduced herself by telling us her name. I didn't notice anything then, though I felt my subconcious part of the brain yell out "YOU!!! MY INTERLOCUTER???".
Anyway, I'm glad that I didn't remember her. You see, when I was about 2, she came to my place with my aunt and sang me a song (which she's pretty good at as she used to be a singer), and afterwards shook my hand & left. I was so touched that I refused to wash my hands later that day despite my mom's best efforts, which happened to be something I got teased about for some time. Imagine how embarrassing it would've been if i had remembered that during the exam... Anyway, she must have figured out who I am judging by the way she kept smiling while asking the most innocious questions. "Do you agree with the saying that loyalty is old-fashioned?" She asked me, beaming. No ma'am, and I don't know why you find that question so amusing..


.mini said...

final exams now?
good luck!

[a] said...

You had a singer cum interlocuter! best of luck

bulhaa said...

lol. i wonder what u would have done if u had remembered.

i like the way u write. u keep the reader hooked from A to Z

Control Freak said...

ur comment appreciated bulhaa..
always nice to be complemented