Thursday, 6 December 2007

The Maldivian way of clutching at straws

I'll begin this post with a little incident that took place at Majeedhee Magu one night, coz none of you may bother reading this post if I get straight to the point. Right, so there I was in the middle of heavy traffic at around 8.30pm when there was a sudden downpour. Everyone ran off in random directions to take refuge against the elements, and a few seconds later I found myself jam-packed in a shop. And by jam-packed, I really mean it. There wasn't room to swing a cat, and everyone inside that place were doing their best to avoid looking at each other. Standing next to me was a big, burley man who was feeling extremely grumpy as evidenced by the comment he made;

"Sarukaaru vejje ennu maguthah hiyaakuran!"

If it wasn't for his size, I would have probably laughed myself silly. I mean, just think about it. If his wish were to come true, we will be living in something like an artificial cave someday. This sort of attitude is, I'm afraid, very common amongst many of my fellow Maldivians today.
The thing is, many of us depend on the blasted government to ensure that we don't commit any sort of crime, that we abide our religion etc. It comes as no surprise that those certain "some people" fail to control their insane desires with alarming frequency, and of course, every time this happens, they take the easiest course of action; blaming the police force or the government or something which is even easier..just putting it all down to the president. How many times have you heard someone yelling "Maumoon ge kanthakey!" I'm not defending the government in any way, though they have done us a few favours like opting to pay for our exam fees (there is talk that this is merely part of our president's campaigning program for the next election, but this is not the place to discuss conspiracy theories about political stuff). But if we continue going at this rate, someday we'll be expecting those little men in suits to spoonfeed us & to change our kids' diapers...
My advice to all those moaners is to grow up & take some responsibility.
So what do you think?


Ameer said...

Nothing more to say. I agree with you.

Azhad said...

That fellow didn't have a bad idea actually.

If there were big trees to give shade, it would give some kind of shelter from the rain.

Just another way at looking at it. :)

Control Freak said...

thats true..but i doubt the guy was thinkin abt trees.

Inan said...

I dont think we should defend either side in this case. We all should learn to be responsible people and stop acting like kids and stop blaming others ans waste time. What we do need is action. Each one of us should do what we can do to make things right and lead to improvement.
I cant agree with you more. Nice post. Keep em coming :)