Monday, 31 December 2007

Those pesky resolutions

As the sun set for the last time in 2007, people everywhere squealed about the year not seeming like an year coz it went by so quickly. But when we think about the events that took place since January, we realize that this is not the case. It has been an extremely eventful year, certainly for me, and I have this nagging feeling that 2008 is going to be a lot more hectic. It might even be the most important year of my life, mainly due to the fact that the A'levels are coming up, and also because after the exams, a lot of my friends are going to part ways with me. There'll be some sort of an explosion where all my schoolmates & dearest friends will go off in different directions. Of course we'll do our best to keep in touch. But we've grown accustomed to meeting each other almost every single day, so it's going to be a little strange..

But what amuses me is the way many of us make those new year resolutions. Some of those are so absurd that they're laughable, though you should be careful not to act too amused; some people take these stuff darn very seriously. You make impossible resolutions that get forgotten before the end of January, and start all over again next December.

An aunt of mine is an instructor at a fitness club here in Male', & she confirmed this belief of mine. She told me how, during the first couple of weeks of the new year, throngs of people with their new year's resolutions flock to the gym with the intention of excersizing regularly. At the end of the month, she said, only the old faces will be the ones who usually remain.

I never made new years resolutions in my life, but just to test the waters a little, I've planned to join the game. Here's my resolution for the year 2008:

-I'll not stay up late on Thursday evenings-

You see, as enjoyable it is on Thursday evenings when everyone's taking a break from studying, staying up late really screws up my weekends. This in turn screws up the following Sundays and the rest of the week & I usually go to school like a....screwed up, hungover fella. I'm convinced that avoiding this bad habit will solve a lot of problems. Plus, I only have to do this once a week. Nothing laughable about that. It's reasonable enough.

So have a smashing 2008 everyone! Just follow those resolutions. Surely nothing can go wrong then, eh?


.mini said...

let's see whether you can do that :P

bulhaa said...

happy new year. ^_^

Control Freak said...

tell u wht mini i WILL n thats a fact!! i've thot abt keepin u updated every thursday just to prove mission to break the age-old myth starts this week!

shweeeeet! said...

well sleeping early dho, i totally support! =D

and i agree with that resolution thingy..the one abt forgetting the resolutions before the end of january..totally useless =\

Waylander said...

I knw its late.. bt Happy New Year man! :)

b'day blog! said...

whens your birthday?