Thursday, 17 January 2008

Oim Bakh!

'Ellow there everyone! This is only my first post of 2008 as I've been extremely busy with exams... I doubt if ever a month passed since I joined CHSE when we've not done any exams. But anyway, a lot has happened during the past couple of weeks while I was cooped up in my room rubbing my nose raw against books, assignments, past papers etc. I've seen so much paper that I'm surprised I'm not suffering from 'Paper Blindness' know, like the snow blindness some mountaineers fall victim to.

I'm not going to rant on about the events that took place during my 'absence' as I'm sure you've heard enough about them, from our President being attacked to Bush travelling to the heart of Arabia to get their approval in bombing & destroying Iran...someone put something in his drink and just put an end to our misery...

But I'm going to tell you all a reason as to why I'm unique. As unique as a Maldivian can get, actually. You see, I'm going to tell you about a cousin of mine. Not quite a usual topic one might post on a blog, but you're going to get why I'm doing this.

Alright now here it goes.. This particular cousin of mine is 4 years old & weighs close to half a ton. No, she's not one of those spoilt supersized kids whose favourite pastime is feasting on fish & chips at McDonalds. She is, wait for it, an ELEPHANT!!! Yeah & her name is Lenana.

I can see in my minds' eye some of you rolling your eyes thinking that my mind is all messed up due to my recent adventures in the murky depths of hardcore studying. This ain't the case at all fellas! I'm telling the truth, which I admit, sounds as truthful as the excuse letters my classmates hand over to various teachers for getting absent. But here's the story; there's an aunt of mine who's an environmentalist. She went to Kenya (before all the violence erupted over there, of course) on something related to her work. Environmentalists, bless them, are trying to save the very planet we call our home, but they all have this nutty element in them. My aunt is no different, and when she somehow met this orphaned elephant, she adopted it! So that means she's Lenanas' mother, and that makes me a cousin of an african elephant! Wooo!!
I'll be damned if any of you have this kind of connection!

There you go! Big ain't she? Lenana, not my aunt..


.mini said...

photo photo!
i demand for a photo of you cousin!
Lenana? nice name

bulhaa said...

oh joy.

gluck in ur exams.

just outta curiousity, have u met or are u gonna meet ur cousin anytime soon??

Control Freak said...

mini - there! shes the bigger one obviously ;)
bulhaa - exams r over but thnx anyway..& no i never met her n probably not goin to anytime soon..but of course i hope to one day :)

.mini said...

oh Lenana looks great! and cute too, and obviously she is huge! and will grow and grow and all :P

shweeeeet! said...

yeah i like the name..lenana..
wow, nice connection btw ;)