Thursday, 27 March 2008


The picture on the left shows the view from my bedroom only a year ago. I know, I know, I can see the sea and you're all extremely jealous now. Just swat those feelings aside, because the photo on the right shows the beautiful scenery I witness when I look out the window now. It's painful, you see, because I can't brag about it anymore. "I'm even able to see the sea from my bedroom" used to be a very useful line while trying to attract potential soulmates...what a shame.

But that is only the tip of the iceberg. All the noise generated from the effing construction work is almost unbearable at times. The metallic tap tap tap will usually be followed by wheeeeee from some sort of machinery and then Bangalhu tongues going, "OBALHABABALGALGAGIEIL" or whatever the hell they speak with that language. Sometimes they carry on late into the night and my room would be flooded by bright light and I would have to just bear with the circumstances till I miraculously fall asleep. I'm sure that it's not just me who's suffering in Male'. There's construction work going on everywhere, with tonnes of new brickloads being imported into this concrete jungle everyday. Imagine if Male' had legs how they would be now..

Anyway, next week's gonna be a very historic one in my life. It's the last of my schooling career, and although many at CHSE have been talking about how relieved we are, it's going to be extremely bittersweet. Us schoolers live a very sheltered life compared to those in various jobs. Sure, we may complain about exams and homework all the time, but it's a cozy little life we've been living. Plus, the exams are looming ahead and there's little else on our minds these days. I've been enjoying watching my friends suffer from their usual last minute revisions, as I started out a little early this time. Call me sadistic, but that's the way it is! And I'm also aware of the fact that this is only my second post in something like 2 months. I'm not proud of this, but please don't expect too many quality posts from me during the next two months, as I'm a little preoccupied.

Oh and if there's any 12th grader from CHSE reading this, be careful at school next Thursday. I mean it.


.mini said...

mini mengeyaa jehigen inna ge mihaaru hadhany and every morning at 9, they start to do their "tapping" and it eees horrible!
and your view, its such a sad thing!
and yes, good luck for your exams! :D

blueprint said...

wats happening next thursday!!
ok so im not a 12th grader, but i can still be curious right?

goodluck in whatever

Raniya said...

owh shit, I commented on your previous post thinking you were a past student.

I guess we're in the same boat then.

And yes, as a fellow 12th grader... the warning is totally appropriate.

nonymous said...

This is a sad situation. There used to be more green houses like mine in Male':( Buildings have propped all around my house, and after all these years I've gotten used to all the noise, hehe