Thursday, 13 March 2008

Some interesting conversations

I saw the most bizzare dream when I fell asleep this afternoon. A friend of mine and I were about to board a plane when there were hysterical whispers of, "Two Muslims're gonna fly!" and all the passengers were checked by security guards. Unfortunately, I happen to have a physical weakness of being extremely ticklish in real life, and this dream took the same pattern. A guard poked my ribs and I started laughing madly & woke up laughing. One of my hands was stuck under my ribs awkwardly, thus explaining the source of the tickling. Now wasn't that wierd?

Anyway, I'm a little strange at times and that didn't have anything to do with the topic of this post. But I was lucky to be involved, or rather, I happened to be sitting in the middle of two female conversations while observing silently. By female converstions, I mean only females took part in them, discussing what I assume are purely female topics.

The first one was at school during an extra class. A group of girls, who were sitting beside me, were discussing the difficulties of attending tutions. Apparently they didn't have enough time, with the A'level exams looming ahead, to shower & dress up before attending every tuition. I was completely baffled. I mean, it's alright if you're attending a party. As a guy, my way has always been to run when only 5 minutes or so are remaining & burst in apologising for being late. I had to use all my inner resolve to keep myself from smirking as the girls discussed this subject the same way businessmen discuss about the falling Dollar rate.

The next conversation took place a hour or so after the previous one. I got home & was having dinner when my aunts started on another very feminine subject; clothes. I'd heard similar discussions by women previously, but it didn't make this any less amusing. This is how it went:

Aunt 1: I went to gym yesterday wearing an orange T-shirt, and guess what? (Someone's name) was also wearing orange!!!
Aunt 2: What?? I was planning to wear orange tomorrow!
Aunt 3 (I do have a lot of aunts): It's a good thing I don't wear orange! I don't want to be part of your orange group.

So I sat there, using my habit/talent to my advantage; being observant without being noticed. I went to bed feeling totally mystified. What do women think might happen if they wear the same coloured clothes as another person? There was another incident when I was watching a magazine show on ESPN one day when my mom pointed out that the men who were hosting it were wearing shirts of the same shade of blue. I merely shrugged. So what's the big deal? Can anyone bother explain this? Or is it too complicated for my male brain?

You may also have noticed that my blog has undergone a facelift, as per a suggestion by Meefau, and you know, it's important to keep my best customers happy. Hope you can all read this without blowing your eyes out!


bulhaa said...

may the mysteries of the female mind remain forever a mystery to you!

hehe. this is refreshing. a male perspective in a..erm.. how do i put this.. not pissed-off way.

nice one!

Spark of Silence said...

Yeah whats the big deal if someone else is wearing the same color tee as u. lol. i never understand why. and as bulhaa said, i think it'll remain a mystery forever :S

.mini said...

aww control freak, tho thweet ^.^
now its easier to read your interesting posts
and about the tuitions and your aunts, well, i don't know what to say about them
orange club was funny though
eventhough i don't mind wearing the same colour, eh focheh vejiyyaa will affect me a lot!

Anonymous said...

hey by 3 aunts u mean the other "evil 3" dho! Cos i - cinderella - was surely not in that conversation! But I like Orange... n loathe gym :D

Control Freak said...

i included some of the wives of ur brothers in the 'aunts' category..cant explain all that in one post now eh?