Thursday, 1 May 2008

Happy anniversary!

I've just realized that I've been blogging for over a year now. So I decided to amaze you all with a few statistics, and also thank some of my best and favourite bloggers. This is starting to sound a bit like an award show, innit? Here it goes:

Total number of posts (not including this one): 34...some people post this amount in the space of a month!
Total number of comments (including mine): 131, with an average of just under 4 comments per post.
Most comments on a post: The last one with 17, closely followed by the Monobra post :D
First person to ever post a comment: ironbed, an Irish guy who, like me, loved the Irish novel Angela's Ashes.
The most number of comments was posted by: *drumroll* mini! With 21 comments to her name, she's one of my biggest "fans". You're not getting anything in return for this, by the way.. :P
Special mention to:
-Bulhaa, who has complemented on my posts more than once. And it doesn't hurt when she always tries to use uses perfect English while leaving comments.
-Maail: he only ever commented once, but it was a very meaningful one. I found another Maldivian Red through and through on the blogosphere! If you're reading this, I'm sharing your pain too over what happened last night :(
-Muawwaz: Yeah I know, you blew my cover to several people. You only made it to this list 'coz we were in the same class. :P
-Nass: Used to be the first person to always leave a comment on my posts. I wondered where you'd disappeared to, until I saw your comment on the last post.
And all those others who've commented and complemented on my posts. Don't make me apologize for not writing your names here, coz I really don't like editing stuff.

I began to blog with the hope of bragging about my favourite club and to post reviews of some books I've read. Unfortunately, I just didn't have the luxury of time to sit down and read all year long, so I decided to change the tactics. Hope you've enjoyed my posts so far, and stay tuned coz some absolute pulitzers (or at least I hope they're) are coming up!


bulhaa said...

har har.


maail said...

it's an honour to get mentioned hehe..i actually lost ure blog after bookmarking it then and there and i didn't see u on mvblogs..hmm..but will surely check yours from now on..

yeah last night sucked..chelsea had alot of luck..first goal kalou offside..the risse header in the earlier leg..hyppia not getting a penalty..but what a goal by babel.. ^_^..just need a quality winger and a left back and right back for next season..YNWA and congrats! =)

nass said...

bookmarked ur blog after reading your last post on myths...

happy anniversary

muiz said...

Happy Anniversary! :)

.mini said...

congratulations! and celebrations! and lala lala lala lala lala laaa!!!
21 comments! ooo..
kihaa faagathi! its my favourite numbery ^.^

keep blogging dude
hope to meet you one day, its in me list! list will come soon i guess
for more news on that, keep checking me blog now and then

annnnd, good luck with your exams!