Saturday, 24 May 2008

I'm back..for a while

There's some sort of an event currently going on near my place and I can hear a truly horrible version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps being played as I'm writing this. It's proof that an awful singer can make great songs pure duds. It's one of my favourite songs...ah well.

Anyway, the exams are going really, really well. I'm extremely happy about how it's gone so far and am looking forward to a 9 day break. The only complaint is that the lighting at the hall I stayed at Dharubaaruge during the Dhivehi & Islam exams were horrible. It really played havoc with my eyes..

I'm a little tired at the moment so can't bring myself to write another long post. Hopefully someday else. Just wanted all of you to know that I'm alive and well, and I hope that you enjoyed the song!


icurlz said...

and also a horrible version of "love song" by 311?

Control Freak said...

every single one of those songs were dreadful..i cudnt sleep even with my head under a pillow..

Fing-ers said...

hehehe, i know that band. its the one with the other imma :P. we played at that event the next day evening :D.

Control Freak said...

whos the other imma?? someones impersonating me!