Monday, 16 June 2008

I feel so red!

What a magical night that was! The whole country was throbbing with emotion. I really thought I felt the ground rocking beneath my feet when the goal went it...aaah I'll never forget that.
The most impressive thing about it all , I'm sure you'll all agree, was the way the whole nation got together. There were plenty of people knew next to nothing about football, who used to think that its a game where you weren't supposed to touch the ball with the hands, cheer on until their voices turned hoarse.

There were plenty of positives to take from the whole tournament. The most important thing is, of course, our country FINALLY getting hold of a trophy in football. For a football mad nation such as ours, theres none more fitting reward. Next was our fans. We ALL got behind the team. For once we didn't care about all the problems that have been casting shadows over our global reputation. We were able to say "Screw you MDP, DRP and all those other political parties! Screw you gangsters, thieves & druggies! Screw you all!" The way our fans presented themselves to the audience abroad did no harm to our reputation at all, so congratulations to everyone!

I did get outside last night after the game as there was a lot happening. Unfortunately, amidst all the excitement I forgot to take a camera so I missed the chance to post a few photos here. The streets around my place were absolutely jam packed with traffic, but no one seemed to give a fiddler's fart about it. Instead, they were honking their horns in different tunes so that people screamed along with them. There were even two white guys prancing along like a bunch of idiots :D

This time it really is ours!


Waylander said...

Yayyy!! :D Lets hope we continue this to the more prestigious tournaments! :)

Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly!Now why can't we have more posts like this that truly express a nation's feelings?Football does really destroy all boundaries&barriers in our country&unites people of ALL walks of life.The patriotism expressed by dhivehin around the world brings tears to my eyes.I'm glad I was able to catch the semi final&the final in action.I wish I were back at home for the BIG celebration tomorrow.I may not be there in presence,but in spirit I'm with you all.Give each other congratulation cos this victory truly belongs to ALL OF US.Well done,team Maldives[the players,officials&supporters].Love you Maldives.We are the champions.YAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
-From a home sick daughter of the Maldives Isles-

blueprint said...

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Control Freak said...

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