Thursday, 25 September 2008

Lakum dheenukum waliya dheen

First of all, I think I owe an apology for those who've been coming here for the past month only to go away disgruntled due to the lack of activity. I've honestly been really, really busy since I managed to land a job and what with Ramazan and the extra-hard effort we put into worshiping, I just haven't been able to squeeze in any quality blogging time of late. There's also the small matter of grabbing a few hours of sleep everyday. But worry not, because I'm back!

You might be wondering why I chose a rather unusual topic for this post. Those who followed my blog since the beginning of this year may remember me having an argument with a gay guy. He uttered this phrase and seemed to be under the impression that he'd destroyed any retorts I had in store. The truth was, however, that arguing with a faggot was never amongst the list of things I looked forward to and anyway, it wasn't like he was going to quit enjoying being attracted similar poles merely by an unknown blogger's advice.
Back to the point. This phrase is in the holy Quran as follows:

لَكُمْ دِينُكُمْ وَلِيَ دِينِ

"To you your religion and to me mine."

This is the last verse of Surah Al-Kaafiroon and is incidentally the only verse of the Quran that many non-Muslims know about. What's more, they've managed to blow the meaning of this verse out of context too! Some of them appear to think that it means, "Sod off, Muslim! This is none of your business."
I'll make the meaning of this verse and surah clear just in case there're people who aren't aware of it. This surah is a message for all Muslims to purify ourselves from shirk, particularly polytheism, so was mainly a message for the Meccan polytheists who lived during the time of the last Prophet.

But, as I told you before, some people have managed to misunderstand even this, one of the most simple verses. It doesn't take a fool to understand it, but then, if they aren't fools I shudder to think what they exactly are.
For an example, let's look at the gay guy:

Now that's just ridiculous. Does he really think that homosexuality is a religion? Or perhaps he is under the impression that it is a way of living that is accepted by the world's major religions i.e Islam, Christianity, Judaism. Well then, he's wrong isn't he? I know, I know, there're gay priests and bishops etc around today and I find that just hilarious. But even funnier was an article I read on Newsweek one day. It mentioned that gay Palestinians are taking refuge in Israel for to save their own lives. Well, I suppose we can expect Israel, the "home of Jews" to be ruled by sodomites least we can defeat them easily then, eh? :D

Then there're those binge drinking idiots. I spent almost 2 years at UK where binge drinking is common practice. In fact, the place we stayed at was on a street with an incredible four pubs! It's incredible because the street was rather small. So we got used to seeing people staggering about at around 6.00 pm, having squandered the money they managed to make during the day and yelling filth at the top of their voices. But try advising them and they'll go
Nothin' like a coupla beers eh, lad?

The next bunch who really drive me up the wall are drug addicts. They litter the streets all across Male', trudging along like vultures looking for a dead carcass. The only difference between them and vultures is that the latter have slightly higher IQ. Try telling them to quit using weed and they'll give a similar response.
Or maybe not...


Anonymous said...

wat a drawin? :P anyways finally a post is out, too much delay ekamaku dhen ok relase kurikan media ah

.mini said...
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.mini said...

anonymous is anonymous and has no comment for this post, thats shameful
i like your drawings, very imaginative
and i totally agree with you, people are making and taking different meanings for the verses in Quran, kinda bending and twisting them to their own likings
its the world, im sick of it
and its maldives too, how can people just, be gay or do whatever
just wrong.. but i keep quiet ofcourse

nice post

Control Freak said...

TEZ: im hope ur not making fun of my non-existent artistic skills :P

and mini, ur the first ever person to call my drawings imaginative..*wipes away tears of joy*

[ dhondhooni ] said...

make that two coz i agree with .mini..

and as for the bending and twisting of Quran and using the verses to their own benefit is just too sick. those people should be beaten to death. i was really shocked when i found out that there's a whole gay community here in Maldives. oh dear God..i guess the end is near.